Friday, December 16, 2011

snow globes.

So I got kinda crafty.

And I know this totally isn't food-related, but I had to share. Because I was so pleased with the outcome of my DIY pursuit.

Homemade snow globes.

We got the idea for these while browsing Anthropologie, where they have very similar (albeit perhaps slightly prettier) snow globes going for 26 bucks a pop.

Upon seeing these pretty little globes in the store, my mom and her friend Trix - and subsequently, when they showed me, I - immediately fell in love. We decided we neeeeded them. But were we going to lay down a hundred dollar bill for four? Hellllzzz naw, we weren't!  We were gonna make our own! 

On the eve of conception, we made sure we had lots of wine to fuel the endeavour, among other essentials like mason jars, fake snow and glitter.

And while there were a few minor glitches along the way, all in all this craft-session was relatively easy.

Besides the owl, which my mom was using to make a snow globe for my nana (an owl lover!) we kept our figurines mainly white and silver to keep the look as monochromatic as possible. 

We got our trees white and glittery by first spraying them with a layer of fake snow-in-a-can.

We waited for that to dry before coating them in a beautiful mist of spray-glue from another aerosol can (the ozone layer above Trix's house had a significant hole in it by the end of the evening).

 Immediately after the glue-shower, we tossed hefty handfuls of glitter on the trees (I forgot how much fun it was to literally throw glitter around. Amazing.)

We then waited for our glitter-trees to dry, before using a glue gun to attach them to the inside of  the mason jar lids. 

Waiting for that to dry we filled the mason jars with a pinch of glittery snow, then turned the lids upside down and screwed them on tight.

Voila! We then marvelled at our little handmade wonders and showered our craftiness, innovation and creativity in generous praise! 

(...thanks Anthropologie).

But seriously, I'm so pleased with how these turned out. Plus, did I mention we spent $90 total on ten jars? BOO yeah.

It isn't too late to make these! Mix in a bottle of wine and a fun Christmas soundtrack and you have yourselves a fun little evening that will for once leave you with something nicer in the morning than a headache.

Love, love, love 'em.


  1. Wow they look exactly like the ones from Anthropologie!! Good work...
    PS trix will HATE that pic of her. Hahaha

  2. OMG such a good idea tay! i love it. it looks so good. you're so crafty. i need to try this!

  3. Did you fill them with any sort of liquid?
    They are quite beautiful Tay! xo V.C.

  4. thanks guyssss!

    no liquid VC. just crisp, clean, fresh, BC air. hehehe