Monday, July 30, 2012

homemade sushi part II: spicy dynamite cones.

I know I've been seriously MIA. Starting today, my food photos and invaaaahhluable insights are all yours again. I've been working on a monster, 350-page (single spaced!) communication plan final project the last two weeks and not sleeping/eating nearly well enough for my liking. Alas, on Friday I handed it in and said goodbye to my post-grad studies at Humber College. And then consumed a lot of glass or two of wine and danced like a maniac to The Backstreet Boys with my classmates. 

Anyways... I come bearing homemade spicy dynamite cones as an apology.

Remember when we made spicy tuna cones earlier this year with fresh tuna that had been flown in from the Philippines that morning?

Yeah, that was amazing. But also pretty expensive. You can't just have your food flown in from exotic locations that same day every night as a starving student. Ya just can't.

Soooo... here's a pretty good alternative. 

Tempura battered shrimp. Mmm-mmm-mmm. And wait til I tell you how easy this process was. 

You know why? Because we bought frozen tempura battered shrimp (from the seafood section of our trusty Sobeys) and popped them in the oven. And they were crispy, crunchy, perfectly-golden good-to-go in no time. 

I mean, I'm sure you could make your own tempura batter and fry some shrimp up and it would be amazing and potentially way better than this... but for a night when you feel like no mess and no stress, this is basically fool-proof. 

With some sliced avo, green onions, soy and spicy mayo (real mayonnaise and sriracha sauce) you've got yourself a prettyyy awesome dynamite cone. For a good sushi rice recipe/instructions, go here.

Even better if you toss in some babes and wine. 

We added imitation crab to ours, which added a good balance of flavours and textures. (One day we'll be able to afford real crab. One day!) The real revelation here is the tempura shrimp, though. Oh, and the fact that we have been making sushi at home. The novelty doesn't wear off. 

If you haven't started doing this for yourself... do. ASAP. 

More posts to come. I plan on making up for lost time/food this week in a biiiig way. 

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