Wednesday, November 14, 2012

fuss-free weekend breakfast.

Weekends are for minimal effort.

Sometimes, getting out of bed, showering, dressing and dragging oneself to a breakfast or brunch-serving establishment is too much effort.

On days like that, a fussy breakfast is out of the picture. 

Deliciousness, however, should never be out of the picture. (Duh).

Which is where this little treat comes in.

Not only is this meal quick, easy, and made of five ingredients... it's pretty darn delicious. It even looks good. And, if you're ever trying to impress someone, it also has the appearance of something that took maybe a bit more effort than it did. 

Sold yet?

The 'recipe' isn't much of a recipe at all. In fact, it's laughably simple:

Toast a bagel. Top with cream cheese and sliced avocado. Poach an egg. Toss that on, too. Top with sriracha, hot sauce or salsa (I used sriracha) and fresh ground salt and pepper. 

Sit back and enjoy the glorious harmony of crisp bagel, velvety cream cheese, ripe avocado and luscious, perfectly-poached eggs. Sounds totally do-able, right?

Warning: one bite, and these don't look as pretty. I'm sure you won't mind.


  1. Yum. Want this now. Perhaps a hassle free meal for the weekend ahead? -LJ

  2. I know someone whose gonna love this!! Making this weekend

  3. we made this this morning...
    It was amazing , Thank you

  4. Sounds delicious! Such a fantastic post! Happy Weekend.

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