Monday, February 27, 2012

burger's priest: round two.

 I should have probably just realized I was fooling no one and made this a strictly-burger blog. They're clearly what I eat for breakfast lunch and dinner every single waking day of my life. 

Treated my Valentine to Burger's Priest last week. Aren't I romantic?

We tried the new Yonge and Lawrence location - much more accessible, equally lined-up - and I braved The Priest; a cheeseburger topped with their "option" patty, which is a portabello mushroom stuffed with more cheese and deep-fried.

It was lot of cheese. And a lot of amazing. Maybe even too much amazing.
If that's possible.

Although I still prefer my original Burger's Priest order of the High Priest, I'd settle for one of these puppies any day of the week. 


  1. I just started salivating. Next time I would definitely like to try the double burg...high priest? - Lo

  2. this looks sooo yummy i've been meaning to try burger priest, esp after they have a new location at yonge and lawrence :)

    1. You NEED to try it! SO sinful and so good.

  3. I need to still try this lovely place around the corner for me...any takers?
    xo Vanessa

  4. ... how did this not make it into my food tour of toronto?
    to many stops at poutinis i guess.