Monday, February 20, 2012

mildred's temple kitchen.

When life gets a little crazy, I find that there are few things that make me feel better than eating a good meal and drinking wine with my best friends. Bonus points if this occurs in the middle of the day (such a novelty!)  

A couple of weeks ago, on a much-needed break from the postgraduate program that is taking over my life, Vanessa, Gabbs and I headed to Mildred's Temple Kitchen to sample their prix fixe Winterlicious lunch menu. I'd been wanting to try Mildred's for quiiite some time after hearing about them from a blog I read regularly, Lark & Linen. After catching a glimpse of their drool-worthy Winterlicious menu, I was sold. 

We convened on a gorgeous sunny afternoon in Liberty Village, naively unaware of the feast of epic proportions to be had and after much careful and tough deliberation, ordered our starters. 

Gabbs and I were intrigued by the sounds of the roasted cauliflower and vanilla soup, which arrived in a perfect little bowl of steaming delight. 

The silky, creamy cauliflower base was accented with just a touch of delicate vanilla making for a super  unique flavour that was rounded off perfectly with the salty, crispy, cheesy croutons. Yum. 

Vanessa went with the glazed squash, which was served with escarole, ermite cheese and crunchy pumpkin seed brittle. The bite I weaselled was also delicious. 

Worth a humongous mention but not photographed were the fresh baked rolls with sweet butter that came to our table. The rolls themselves were hot, soft and flakey with a buttery, light consistency similar to a croissant and the butter was just a touch sweeter than usual. The combination was absolute bliss.

After contemplating having another basket of those sent round, we were distracted from our gluttonous urges by the arrival of our mains; three handsome looking MTK's Famous Burgers.

Despite the super-tempting menu offerings of beer battered fish and chips with house-made tartar sauce and lobster scallop pot pies with potato and tarragon, it just felt like a burger kind of day for the three of us. And you can't really fight a feeling like that. 

Our waitress brought them to the table with an apology and explanation for the wait (we hadn't even noticed one): they had been waiting on a fresh set of buns to come out of the oven. Ohhhh, lord. 

And she didn't lie: those buns were mighty fresh. Hot, fluffy, soft and pillowy, they were heaven in bun form. One of the buns I've had the pleasure of tango-ing with in a while. 

The innards of this burg were pretty fantastic, too. 

Tender, juicy, perfectly-medium-rare chuck, flavourful sweet tomato relish, a heaping pile of crispy shoestring tobacco onions and a generous spread of their house-made mayo, which was perfectly dotted with fresh herbs. 

I didn't even think about cheese, let alone miss it. This burger was everything I needed, and more. 

The frites won best actor in a supporting role; crispy and hot and served with some more of that heavenly mayo. 

By the time we had finished our burgers and every last frite in our pails (it was a tough job, but someone had to do it!) dessert was the last thing on our minds. But alas, it was included in the Winterlicious menu, and to not take advantage of such a menu's offerings would almost be rude, no? Begrudgingly, our arms twisted, we ordered one of each of the desserts they were sampling to our table.

A trio sampling of pretty little chocolate, espresso and caramel crème brulées...

a flakey apple galette with tangy clotted lemon cream... 

... and my personal favourite, chocolate bread pudding with warm whiskey sauce.  

Somehow, we tucked these away too. But we weren't walking pretty when we left, I'll tell you that. (Why is it that the sensation of extreme fullness always seems so much more bearable hunched over and holding your belly as you walk? Riddle me this.)

Regardless, a delicious three-course, wine-fuelled, middle-of-the-afternoon feast-and-gab with two of my closest pals was such a treat, and exactly what I needed to get me feeling just like myself again. 

I thereby declare it worth every second of ensuing pain. 

Go to Mildred's Temple Kitchen and get yourself one of those burgs, asap. While you're at it, make sure you ask for the fresh baked rolls and sweet butter and finish your meal off with some chocolate bread pudding with warm whiskey sauce. I double doggie dare you!

Mildred's Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Avenue, Suite 104
Toronto, ON 

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  1. Oh my goodness... even re-living this meal makes me feel full. But SO worth it.