Sunday, March 11, 2012

homemade fish tacos.

Oh, hey guys!

Remember me?

I've been so busy with this gosh darn program that all of my other hobbies have, shamefully, kind of... taken a back seat. Other than my weekly Bachelor viewing and de-stressing with wine and girlfriends. Oh, and consuming a delicious meal every now and then. 

Like these homemade fish tacos.

Pretty easy to make and pretty freaking awesome. Like, I'd be happy if I went to a good restaurant and was served these. Very happy.

We didn't follow much of a recipe, per se (and when I say we, I pretty much mean Vanessa, because for the majority of the prep I was upstairs being a troll in my room doing skool stuff... lucky me to have friends who feed me so well) but here are the basic must-dos for creating your own fish tacos.

Chop up some cabbage for a crunchy slaw to accompany your fish.  

Other key additions: avocado, fresh lime, green onions and cilantro (not pictured). Lots of glorious green flavours and textures going on here.

And finally, the fish. The fish was good. I almost couldn't believe it had come out of my kitchen. We bought some fresh haddock and whipped up a beer batter with one can of beer, two cups flour and salt. Making sure to pat each piece dry (in order for the batter to stick better) we coated each piece in the mixture and tossed it into a pot of spitting hot oil (note: scary stuff.) 

The result: tender, flakey fish encased in light, perfectly-crisp, amazing beer batter. In a perfect world everything in my life would be covered in this batter and deep fried.

Note: make sure to time your preparation so that everything else is ready to go once the fish is finished. It's at its crispiest and best when it's piping hot and fresh out of the fryer.

Next, assemble your taco. I topped each piece of fish with cabbage slaw, fresh-squeezed lime, a generous serving of avocado and green onions, a dusting of cilantro and a drizzle of crema. 

Crema = a glorious mixture of sour cream with a touch of milk to thin it out. We also added the juice of a whole lime to our bowl for a bit of extra tang (highly recommended).

Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to make or enjoy any fish tacos without crema.  

And voila! A delightful little bundle of crispy, creamy, crunchy perfection all wrapped up in a warm mini tortilla. For an extra kick, add some hot sauce and you're good to go.

Of note: our house smelled like it had been deep-fried for days afterwards, which - despite what you might think given my earlier comments - got old fast. So if you're hosting a party or open house or any event where you'd like people to walk into your home and not be hit with the scent of greasy-goodness, save these for afterwards. 

But make sure you make them. You will not be disappointed.


  1. you topped yours with a 'drizzle' of crema?
    a slight underexaggeration...

    1. saying i "dumped half the bowl of crema on my tacos" didn't quiiite have the same ring to it.