Friday, March 30, 2012

come and get it.

I'd been salivating over Come and Get It's menu for weeks.

With only three items and three ways to order them, it was the perfect for someone like me who's usually sent into a panic-attack tail-spin over extensive menus choices.

Come and Get It is a pop-up Spadina restaurant set up in a space that's going to be made into condos at an undisclosed date in the near future, but they've done a great job in making a temporary space pretty awesome. Bright graffiti outside and random 90's theme decor (including a Nintendo 64 and  old-school macs with the translucent colour-backing... remember how cool those were?) Check out the Simpson's thermos/utensil holder below.

But my favourite part about my visit earlier this week was the food (surprise!)
Gabbs, Lo, Vanessa and I headed down there on Wednesday night after planning to go for weeks. Ordering was easy easier than usual, as I mentioned, they have three items that can be made three ways.

To start, three of us split the granny smith chicken caesar salad, but let me tell you, next time I go I may have to order one of these bad boys to myself (as a side, of course).

Tender pulled chicken, tart green apple slivers, strong grana padano cheese, crispy chicken skin, deep fried chickpeas and the creamiest, most wonderfully-garlicky house-made caesar dressing over a bed of crunchy romaine lettuce. I could have licked the bowl clean. I thought long and hard about the decision not to.

Gabbs indulged in a poutine topped with beef short ribs braised in ancho chile barbecue sauce and crispy shoestring onions. Let me tell you, I don't even like poutine (shocking, right? I know) and I could be seen finishing her scraps. The ancho chile barbecue sauce added an interesting flavour to the mix that was much better (in my opinion) than the typical poutine gravy and the shoestring onions were the perfect touch. This stuff was GOOD. Gabbs' only complaint? It could have used "way" more cheese.

And finally, my masterpiece of a sandwich.

The same fall-apart tender braised beef short ribs on a milk bun, topped with crispy fried onions, crunchy sweet and sour slaw and a chipotle aioli that packed slightly more kick than usual. Honestly, I barely spoke from the time this sandwich sat down in front of me til I had scraped the last bit of sauce/slaw from the cardboard container.

The combination of flavours and textures going on here was spot on. The short ribs were soft and saucy, the onions gave it the perfect hint of deep-fried goodness and the tangy, tart slaw added some freshness to balance out the pretty-rich mix. Add a generous slather of spicy chipotle mayo and you have heaven between two halves of a milk bun. Did I mention this sandwich rang in just under ten bucks? Double heaven.

Can't say enough good things about this place. The guy who served us was friendly and passionate about the food he was delivering. We were serenaded by Biggie and Bone Thugs while we ate our  meal. And they have utensils made out of potatoes?

You should probably go check Come and Get It out before they get bumped out of the spot they're in for some way-less-awesome condo to fill their place. Fingers crossed they'll be moving to somewhere else in the city.

Come and Get It
170 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON

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  1. YUMMM. I want this again immediately. Definitely worth trekking in my sick state.
    I also don't love poutine! I never knew. We are truly kindred spirits.