Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fol epi.

This might be weird for some of y'all, but I'm not a huuuge sandwich person. I mean, I don't dislike sandwiches, but usually there's something I'd rather eat. Like a burger (which doesn't really count as a sandwich, does it?) Or sushi. Or... something else. So when, on my last visit to my hometown Victoria, my parents started raving about this Fol Epi place, I wasn't suuuuper stoked. I mean, I usually trust their taste in food (I didn't inherit my passion for sauce from nobody!) but I just wasn't jumping up and down and begging them to go. We went anyways. 

On the prettiest (albeit slightly breezy) spring day, we drove across the Johnson bridge to the Dockside Green, grabbed a couple of these infamous sandwiches and sat outside to enjoy them (please note my mom's cute foot in the background... I also didn't inherit my shoe problem from nobody.) 

And then, something kind of weird happened... 

I freaking loved these sandwiches. Like, alot. 
It wasn't, like, a revelation or anything, but I was genuinely surprised by how much I loved them!

My mom and I got two to split. The Smoked Albacore Tuna (above) had cucumber, crunchy lettuce, a smattering of cream cheese and tender, melt-in-your mouth rare smoked Albacore tuna that MUST have been caught that day it was so fresh. Seriously good stuff. I was impressed. 

Our second sammie had ballpark bologna, pickles, red onions, aged white cheddar and sharp mustard. It was my surprising favourite of the day. Tangy and full of flavour, it was like a classic bologna sandwich your mom used to make you in elementary school... but better. Way better. (No offence, mom!)

Not to mention, Fol Epi is known for having maybe the best bread in Victoria (my parents' friends drive for half an hour JUST to get it) and both these fillings were cuddled up between one of the crustiest-yet-softest, best baguettes I've had in a long time. Word on urbanspoon the street is that Fol Epi mills their own flour and makes everything in house, from scratch, by hand. If this is the case, it shows. 

Next time you're in the mood to sit in the sun and take in the view of Victoria harbour from the other side of the bridge while enjoying an amazing baguette sandwich and latte (Caffe Fantastico is right next door) check this place out.
Don't waste your time being a sandwich snob like the Former Me... go to Fol Epi! 

Fol Epi
398 Harbour Road, Victoria BC
(250) 477-8882

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  1. yummm, i want to go here when im back!