Sunday, June 17, 2012

yamato sushi.

So I'm not writing about burgers, sauce or some other artery-clogging indulgence. How weird is this?

(OK, maybe a little sauce. What would a post really be without a mention of it?)

But, like, how beautiful is this sushi? Seriously, I might frame this photo on my wall. 

One of the (many) things I miss most about the West Coast is the abundance of amazing sushi. I've had some good stuff in Toronto, but few restaurants come close to the freshness (and awesomeness) of B.C. sushi. Recently while in Vancouver, I was trying to go to the Eatery, only to find they were closed (serioussss temper tantrum/hissy fit.) 

I had sushi on my mind and needed a back-up plan, fast.
Upon consulting a few friends and the ol' trusty Urban Spoon, I decided upon Yamato and never looked back. And ohmygod was it a good decision.

Yamato's a hole-in-the-wall, packed spot just off the corner of Davie and Seymour. And by packed, I mean you can't really gesture with your hands when you talk packed. Always a good sign. The goma-ae I started with was delicious, with some of the best sesame sauce I've had in a while (and a generous serving of it too - hate when they skimp.) 

OK, OK, so there's a bit of sauce in this post. I tried.  

The baby shrimp sunomono was tangy and refreshing, with crunchy cold noodles and a lemony, vinegary sauce. 
But what I was really excited for were the rolls...

Yamato has tantalizing pictures on their walls of some of the 'Chef's Specialty' rolls (torture for a hungry person) so I knew exactly what I was getting into when I ordered the Lonsdale Roll and the Canuck Roll. And I was so, so ready for it. 

The Lonsdale (below, left) was tuna tempura on top of a creamy california roll. The Canuck Roll (right) was spicy tuna draped on top of cucumber, avocado and tuna tempura. Both were oh-so-artfully drizzled with an amazing sweet sauce and mayo and sprinkled with sesame seeds and masago. 

The fish was fresh and delicious. I love me some tempura tuna (hence both my rolls featuring it as an ingredient) and I love that Yamato incorporated it into so many of their rolls. It was crisp on the outside and tender in the middle, without being overcooked. I was surprised to find that the basic california roll filling of the Lonsdale was creamy, flavourful and delicious. I haven't ordered a california roll in years (booooring!) but Yamato may have just sold me on it. 

And are you ready for what was maybe the best part of it all? Everything above came to just over 20 bucks. We're talking a lot of really, really big rolls and really, really yummy stuff. I seriously thought there was a mistake when our bill came... but there wasn't. 

My friends who live in Vancouver tell me they're Yamato take-out regulars. I was so jealous upon hearing this that I needed to take a five-minute friendship time-out. 

If you're lucky enough to live in Vancouver and have yet to try this place, go, go, go!

Yamato Sushi
616 Davie Street,
Vancouver BC
(604) 682-5494

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  1. Umm...Can we please sit down and plan a west coast eating trip featuring you and me?
    xo- Vanessa