Monday, August 27, 2012

mutsuki-an part II.

Soooo, I've just returned from the most epic food and wine tour/roadtrip of the West Coast imagineable. I am noticeably more "jolly" (not just referring to my mental state). And I have sampled some ridiiiculous treats and restaurants that I can't wait to share with you.

In the meantime, as I'm too much still in "holiday mode" (read: overweight and lazy) to deal with a loading pics situation...
I bring you sushi.

 Last September, I wrote that Mutsuki-An was one my favourite places for fresh sushi in Victoria. Nothing has changed. As I'm home for a month this summer, it was a priority to hit it up and make up for lost time I've spent NOT eating good sushi, ASAP. 

We went back last week for some rolls and they were as yummy as ever. As usual, I was the dorky diner snapping away with my cam.

Soybean dumplings are one of my favourite starts to a Mutsuki-An meal (their miso soup is also amazing!) and I haven't found them anywhere else. They are delicate and surprisingly flavourful.

The spicy tuna remains my go-to. I haven't found a spicy tuna roll on the island that I love more. The freshest, meltiest, most amazing tuna with a killer spicy sauce, a douse of mayo (they don't mix their spicy sauce and mayo, which makes for a more intense kick) sesame seeds and crunchy green onions. 

Oh, and the regular spicy tuna roll doesn't come with avocado (as if, right?) 
Always, always ask for avocado! 

The new addition we tried was the okinawa maki. 

With real crab, fresh tuna, pineapple, avocado, lettuce and cucumber, it was a deeeelicious mix of sweet and savory and creamy and crunchy. As with everything else, the pineapple was super juicy and fresh.

If you haven't heeded the advice of my first post and gone to Mutsuki-An... (Imagine? Someone out there who isn't following my every order?)...

Get here! Their spicy tuna donburi bowl, as I've mentioned, is to die for.

Roadtrip Foodtrip pics to come.

2075 Cadboro Bay Rd, Victoria, BC

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