Friday, August 17, 2012

willow's galley.

How ridiculously-good-looking is this burger? 

Upon eating this recently, I realized that the Galley's Sunbather Burger is Victoria's version of Burger's Priest. Except with way more history, and a cooler spot serving it up. 

Most Oak Bay residents have known Willow's Galley since they were kids. The little fish and chips shack has been open since 1978 and is a few blocks from Willow's beach. For nearly 30 years, the Galley has been serving up fish and chips, fried oyster burgers and milkshakes to the masses, with the sweet smell of batter wafting out their walk-up order window down the street.

But despite their proximity to the ocean and affinity for seafood, perhaps their best offering, in my most humble opinion, is the Sunbather burger. 

The Sunbather, as you can peep, is a gooey, melty mess. Swiss and american cheddar (lots!), mayo, sweet relish and mustard make for the perfect combination and the juiciest bite you could possibly imagine. I got a couple of crispy fried onions on mine (which none of my dining companions appeared to) which was a welcome crunch addition along with the iceberg. The patty is old-school well-done - but any dryness is made up for with the toppings mentioned above. 

The Sunbather, much like the comparison I made above of the Burger's Priest creations, doesn't try to do anything groundbreaking or crazy. But its flavour is as timeless as the Galley itself - a honking big, classic, delicious cheeseburger that makes no apologies for what it is. And you know what? I like that attitude.

I also like this burger. Alot. Which is a scary thing, given the fact that each of these badboys weighs at least two pounds. 

Worth it, though, right? 

Victorians, if you haven't, hit the beach on one of these crazy hot days and trek up to the Galley afterwards for a Sunbather on a picnic bench on the grass. Could life get much better than that?

Willow's Galley
2559 Estevan Avenue, Victoria, B.C.


  1. YUMMMMM. I gottta go.

  2. Please bring a year's supply of Galley Dogs back with you!! #1 reason I miss summers in vic!