Wednesday, January 11, 2012

bin 4 burger lounge.


Now, you know I love me a good burger.
And something I love almost as much? Discovering a new place to eat a good burger at.

So I was super-psyched to hear that Victoria had opened a new burger spot that was packed to the walls at any hour. I had a feeling Bin 4 Burger Lounge would be a hit when I heard about it, and I was delighted as always to find out that feeling was right.

I ventured to their slightly-random location (in the pavilion near the London Drugs on Yates Street) twice over the Christmas break and was equally impressed both visits.

The first time, my camera decided to randomly stop focusing when I tried to capture my meal. Bummer.

The second time, luckily, I was able to snap some better pics of the delicacies I sampled. And boy, were they a treat.

Another thing that really makes my world go round is sauteed mushrooms on a burger. So naturally, Bin 4's Wild Mushroom Burger was the first thing that caught my eye. It was love at first sight as I saw it's description dancing across the menu.

There was no way I wasn't having it.

Heritage Angus beef, sauteed wild mushrooms, garlic, cream, truffle oil, parmigiano, baby arugula and fresh tomatoes.

How's that for a mouthful?

It was so amazing the first time, that I had to oh-so-boringly order it the next time I went. I really, really tried to convince myself to live life on the edge and branch out.

I just couldn't.

The mushrooms were tender and perfectly complemented by the earthy truffle oil, and made for a blanket of melty goodness when paired with the garlic, cream and parmigiano. The arugula and tomato brought a fresh bite to the mix.

Awesomely, with all the richness and flavour going on, it was the perfect size - not too big, and not too small - to leave me perfectly sated without feeling overindulged.
Man oh man, was I a fan of this burg.

I paired mine with a side of gargantuan panko-crusted red onion rings and some delicious dips from their impressively extensive dip menu, which included bacon aioli, roasted jalapeno aioli and chipotle bourbon barbecue sauce.

After an excessive deliberation (obv) I went with truffle aioli (left) and curry aioli (right).

Dining Companion #1, my Mama, went with the Pre-Season Favourite, which boasted Heritage Angus beef, back bacon, avocado, bruschetta, roasted garlic aioli and butter lettuce.

Dining Companion #2, my pal Morgan, tried the Chicken of the Sea Burger, which was served open-faced with a piece of sesame-crusted, seared rare Albacore tuna, olive tapenade, chipotle aioli, cilantro salad and a yogurt drizzle.

While the flavour combination listed initially struck me as random, the small bite I was allowed revealed a deliciously fresh tuna steak that went surprisingly well with its accoutrements. Might be my order next time, if I'm in the mood for something lighter. (Who am I kidding, I'll be ordering the wild mushroom burger again.)

Dining Companion #3, who shall not be named, scarfed down his Black and Blue burger (with  blackening spice, Ermite blue cheese, jalapeno and sweet-onion relish, chipotle aioli, butter lettuce, and tomato) so fast that no one even got a look at it, let alone a picture, let alone even close to a bite.




A good sign?

Did I mention they do half-price burgers every night after 9 pm, with the purchase of a drink? 
Umm, yes please!

Bin 4 Burger Lounge
180-911 Yates St, Victoria, B.C.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. Dining companion #3 should know the rules by now of going out for dinner with Miss Taylor! My mouth is watering! I want it all!!!! -V.C.

  2. i wish i tried this place! i'll have to go back when i'm in Vic next. looks amazing. xo

  3. Omg this place is DELISH.. we went and checked it out due to this amazing blog post ;)

  4. the pre season.. mmmmmm!