Monday, January 30, 2012

the fish store.

Sometimes a good sandwich is hard to come by.

Some things that throw me off? When the bun/fillings ratio is off, when the bun is too hard and when the fillings are mediocre. Any of the above just leaves me wondering why I didn't stay home and make these.

The Fish Store, however, does sandwiches preetttty darn well.

Tucked away in Little Italy - but not to be overlooked, the shop is bright turquoise - it truly does feel like you've stepped into a small-town, coastal fish shop rather than a downtown Toronto establishment. Trinkets and plaques cover the walls, and the two tiny tables are covered in checkered plastic tablecloth.

A counter behind the counter displays the fish to order on ice - fresh, never frozen. And there's a huge variety to choose your sandwich stuffer from from: scallops, shrimp and calamari too.

After some deliberation, my dining companions and I decided on calamari and scallop sandwiches (them) and a tuna sandwich (me). The owners started grilling our pieces up right away.

Our sandwiches arrived quickly, masterpieces to behold. For around ten bucks you get a sandwich that is literally stuffed with fresh seafood. The calamari sandwich was a handsome explosion of grilled octopus and the scallop sandwich below was juicy and tender.

The generous slabs of succulent tuna in my sandwich were grilled-to-perfection and rubbed with a spice mix that was flavourful without taking away the focus of the fresh tuna. Oh, and did I mention the buns are out of this world? Perfect ratio and like biting into a soft, fluffy cloud. If only every sandwich in the world was forced to have a bun like this.
With the addition of fresh avocado slices for an extra dollar (they came seperately on a plate and once I attempted to add them to my already-bursting sandwich it was game-over for photo ops) it was a heavenly, hearty and healthy meal.

Speaking of healthy, you may have noticed a lack of mayo in this post. 

I know.

I was equally thrown off when I realized they had none on the premises at the Fish Store. What was I going to do? Thoughts of dashing down the street to a corner store and grabbing my own tub flashed across my panic-stricken mind. It was a struggle to quell them. But you know what? With ingredients this good, I barely missed it.


The Fish Store
657 College Street, Toronto, ON

P.S. As per usual, my friend Vanessa was cooler than me and hit this place way before I did. Check out her post and some more yummy pics here (she had much more success in getting the avocado to sit pretty!)


  1. Itching to go back

  2. OMG Tay this looks so delicious! I need to book my Toronto visit asap, my list of places you need to take me is growing

    1. pleeeease!!! i'll bust out all my best tricks :D

  3. Ummm....please don't tell me you would have wanted mayo on this!! It is already so perfect and moist, mayo would have been a buzzzkill. Just Sayin' (hehe) - Vanessa

    1. Ummmm.... do you KNOW me? i believe a touch of mayo is appropriate in all situations.

  4. I've heard some amazing things about the scallop sandwich, will be going soon!

    1. Definitely make a trip over there! Such a quirky-cute little spot and the sandwiches are amaaazing!

  5. wow.
    mmmmmmmmmm.... honestly sounds like would be one of my favorite yummies you've posted about. (if I had tasted everything on your blog)
    Do you know if they ship sandwiches?

    1. I could arrange some sort of same-day fedex deal for eatery shipped here.... let's talk business.