Monday, January 9, 2012

yoshi sushi.

Wanna drool over some sushi pics? 

Of course you do!

Yoshi Sushi was another staple growing up that I recently revisited after hearing they'd added some funky new rolls to their menu. Because, you know, I'm always down for funky.

We went a few weeks ago for a quick pre-movie dinner and my mom and best friend Gabbs (both fancying themselves quiiiite the sushi connoisseurs) declared upon finishing that they had found their New Favourite Roll in Victoria. (I remain loyal to Shizen's Highlander Roll, but this one's still pretty darn good!)

Ladies and Gentleman, the Saanich Roll. A centre of spicy chopped scallops that practically melt on your tongue, topped with creamy avocado, more spicy mayo and lots of crunchy roe.


My dad ordered fresh oysters, although I've heard from multiple sources that the rich baked robata variety are much more of a treat, especially with a bowl of white rice to mellow out their intense flavour (not a huge oyster gal myself.)

The veggie roll was a favourite back in the day and it held up after all this time. Love the big slabs of avocado, juicy marinated shitake mushrooms and crunchy wakame-salad-style fresh seaweed.

Oh, and the Gomae (which they call Oshitashi, not sure if there's a difference)
... freaking
... rocks.

Yoshi's a teensy tiny bit out of the way, but worth it for a yummy meal. If you've worn out the downtown Victoria sushi establishments and want to try something new, ch-check it out!

Yoshi Sushi
771 Vernon Avenue #604
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 475-3900