Monday, October 24, 2011


Fresh is an oldie, but a goodie (there we go, already breaking new years resolutions... quelle surprise!) Their Bloor Street location reminds me of the good old university days when my roommate and I would drag our hungover corpses in to order brunch and the "Liver Flush" juice... and then go out again that night and pillage our bodies with more booze. Sigh. To be young.

I revisited it on Thursday with some Fresh newbies, and this time I wasn't hungover (I'm soooo mature these days!) but the food was as delicious as I remember it to be. Fresh is a vegan spot (although they offer dairy add-ons, phew!) and always makes me feel good because everything on the menu is so ridiculously healthy, but you can still snag some sinful-tasting treats like the sweet potato fries ($6.50) below.

I love their sweet potato fries. Hand cut and tossed in sea salt and herbs, they're perfectly crispy without the grease. I always jack them up with more salt and cayenne pepper, and of course, order the house mayo on the side because it is AMAZING and you'd never know it was vegan (if you could tell, would I touch it?) 

It's made with tofu, miso, onion, garlic, nutmeg and herbs and I love the subtle flavour the nutmeg adds. We ordered so much that our server asked if he should bring us the tub from the back. I guess we were a far cry from the majority of Fresh's health-conscious patrons. My only gripe is that they charge $1 to add it to your order of fries! Definitely racked up the bill on that one.

I usually order the Holiday Wrap ($10) with savory coated tofu steaks, avocado and goat's cheese, but in keeping with my resolution  I decided to try something new (baby steps!) and went with the Sam Houston Burrito ($10). Slightly-sweet and nutty soy and sweet potato "taco" filling, sauteed peppers and onions, salsa (chopped tomatoes?) avocado chipotle sauce, crunchy lettuce and alfalfa sprouts and my personal addition of a big slab of creamy, tangy goat cheese ($2).


We had to forgo the Quinoa-Coated Onion Rings as a starter but luckily got to sample them on Gabbs' BBQ Burger, which, I have to say, was the star of the meal. It's towering height and ginormous onion rings were almost as impressive as it's nutty flavour and crunchy bite, and the hot banana chiles and barbecue sauce added a great kick offset by the garlic mayo. Definitely adding this to my regular rotation, as long as I'm not on a hot date - it got messy. Real messy.

Lo ordered the Holiday Wrap with my usual additions, but went for aged cheddar instead of goats cheese. I tried a bite and found it a bit dry without the creamy goat's cheese texture (told you I'm a creature of habit!) Might have been better if it had been melted. 

Regardless, we left feeling full but virtuous after our meal, which is such a rare combination of feelings for me that I'm willing to shell out the money for Fresh every time.

PS. To the folks behind those Liver Flushes, thank you. They were all necessary.

Fresh Restaurants
336 Bloor St. West (among other locations)
Toronto, Ontario

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