Friday, October 21, 2011

kale chips.

I would have never made kale chips on my own. Ever. In fact, when my roommate Lo told me she was making them, I made fun of her. "Those sound... interesting," I said, in a tone that indicated I wasn't interested in them at all. I later told her I couldn't be paid to make them for myself. But as she prepped her ridiculous bunch of kale (see pic to follow) for the oven, I couldn't help but watch in intrigue. 

You see, Lo has recently been on a "health kick" (in fact in the picture below she'd just gotten back from a virtuous run!) and this is something that Gabbs, the third housemate, and I have watched from a distance with equal parts awe, pity and dumbfoundment (we don't "do" health kicks so much). It's not something that we understand, but we find it interesting.

So the rumor was that if you tossed kale chips in olive oil (or any other oil/butter of your choice) and seasonings and popped them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes, they crisp up real nice and make a yummy, healthy alternative to potato chips. I was extremely skeptical as I watched Lo toss hers in olive oil, salt, sesame seeds and red chilli flakes.

By the time they were ready, I obviously wanted to try one. Because there is no meal or snack made in our house that doesn't get sampled by the two who aren't making it...

And you know what? They weren't so bad. In fact, they were so un-bad that I found myself going for another... and another! And then I saw Lo carefully putting them away into a Tupperware container so I would stop eating them. And then I found myself hunched over the baking tray, scraping off the crispy bits stuck onto it that she'd missed! What... the... hell?! And I swear to you, I wasn't even in that delirious-with-hunger state where you'll eat just about anything. In fact, I had eaten!

I mean, don't get me wrong. They were no greasy potato chips. Not even close. 

But, like, if I were ever to go on some weird healthy streak (shocking my friends and family, no doubt) they might just do. I might try a salt-and-vinegar or dill pickle version, or top them with garlic and a yummy cheese like parmesan or asiago, or even make some kale chip nachos! ...Aaaand we're back at square one again.


  1. Lo's "health kick"....heehee

  2. dill pickle version AND kale chip nachos sound better than the original, but I will try this too because I do like kale! hahah anonymous commenter (I'm guessing Gabbs) is funny.

  3. once your runners arrive you will jump on the health kick bandwagon?