Monday, November 21, 2011

avocado, caramelized onion & brie quesadillas.

These were good. 

Really, really good.

I mean, really, how could they not be? 

They're only made with three of my most favourite things in the whole wide world... 

(Four, actually, if you count the sour cream I insisted on serving on the side).

They were an easy, quick and delicious lunch to fuel me for a shopping expedition on Saturday in which I trolled the city looking for one thing and one thing only, which I did not find. (Can a girl get a non-itchy, thick, ear-warmer-style knit headband in this city? Lemme know.) 

That's serious dedication and blinder-usage, and it required some delicious and nutritious fuel (just let me call this one nutritious, for my own peace of mind... avocados are green?) 

Regardless, cozied up next to brie and caramelized onions and sandwiched between two crisp tortillas, they are good. 

Extremely so. 

I'd post a 'recipe', but that might be insulting your intelligence and culinary intuition. 

I will say that I made my quesadillas differently this time, putting all the good stuff on one half of the tortilla and folding the other half over it rather than using two. 

The result? Less mess, less carbs, and fatter quesadillas. Clearly the way to go here.  

 Nom nom nom.



  1. Tay! this looks soooo delicious. Every time I read your blog I think more and more about how I am going to come visit TO soon and force you all to cook for me at every meal.

  2. Yummmy!
    Also for good thick headbands check out!! My sister got me an amazing one from there, just make sure the one you buy is made from non-itchy wool. xx

  3. i just had so many posts to catch up on, i've been out of my regular schedule since being on holiday :| i will be making this and all of the grilled cheese recipes when i'm back into Canada . xxx

  4. i will be attempting to make this this weekend. i'll let you know if it tastes the same after i drown it in 15 different spicy sauces

  5. Rye - pleeease do! although this pony only has a few tricks.... but I'll take ya out for some good grub?

    Vanessa (aka Anonymous) - you are a saint and a blessing in my life. thank you for your consistent words of wisdom.

    Matina - I missed checking blogs so much when I was away. The one night I got wifi on my phone I was up ALL night. grilled cheese will taste amazing after all that foreign grub :)

    Rosh - don't try and show off your affinity for spice to me here.. pretty sure I spice-tolerated all the Veerapens under the table quiiiite recently...