Wednesday, November 9, 2011

friends & truffled brie.

There's something about the act of splurging on a hunk of delicious cheese that brings me a silly amount of happiness. Partially because I really, really enjoy cheese, and partially because it makes me feel preeettty cool to put a little dent in my sad bank account for a slab of the good stuff. Kinda makes me feel like I've really made it in life (ha ha ha). 

I stopped in to the Cheese Emporium (pretty sure an Emporium of Cheeses is my version of heaven) last Friday on my way home from work because I needed something to contribute to a wine-and-snack that night and was feeling way too lazy to come up with an idea of my own. 

I found truffled brie from France. 

It was love at first sight. 

The truffles were an awesome addition, adding an interesting and distinct flavour that was subtle enough to complement the amazing-quality brie without stealing the show. 

It was a buy-again, for sure. 

Some other things that I love almost as much as buying pieces of expensive cheese are my friends. And wine. 

Friday night combined all these elements, plus an awesome Cold War Kids concert at the Phoenix. It was a good one. 

In October, I got a little sappy about good friends, nights, and food. And my life just continues to be filled with those three! I guess you could call me a pretty lucky gal.

And so, dear Readers, I hope this post inspires you to buy tickets for a cool concert to go to with your cool friends and also truffled brie or some other type of indulgent and expensive cheese. Combine the two, and you have the recipe for a good night.


  1. I say that brie was worth every penny.

  2. No mention of the plate of spicy salami in which you polished off all but 3 pieces? Such a shame.

  3. im so sad i didnt come... never making that mistake again.

  4. I'm not sure who your 'crazy' friend is in all those solo photos but I don't think all three of them are truly necessary on your blog.
    - an unknown/unrelated source

  5. OMG TAYYY cheese is my everything and this post made me drool way too much. but good thing i'm snacking on "brie chips" right now that i picked up at the local 7/11 here... they're like cheese balls but taste like brie balls... i don't know if you can imagine it or not, but it's quite amazing.

  6. how AWESOME are the 711s in asia.... full of so many treats. there was rice wrapped in banana leaves as a microwaveable meal in hong kong that you could buy there that kind of resembled the ones you get at dim sum.... i was tempted but never took the bait! you ENJOY those brie balls girl!!