Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sweet truth.

This has been my life for the past seven days.

Why, you ask, in (feigned) shock and surprise? 

Well, you see, I've had the honour of working at an awesome collaboration of artisans and culinary geniuses alike at the annual One of A Kind Christmas show in Toronto. 

Selling toffee and chocolates. 
I know. 
Preeeetty freakin cool. 

And these aren't just any old, stale candies in a box. Nope, Sweet Truth candies just happen to be gourmet, award-winning confections that have crowds nearly stampeding our booth at almost every hour of the day. Scary, but also surprisingly fun.

And so, since these are what I've been munching on for the past week for most breakfasts and sometimes even lunches - really enjoying a well-rounded diet, here -  I thought I'd share them with you.

These are good. So good that all I have to do to sell them is stand there with a pair of tongs offering passersby a sample. So good that repeat customers track us down and come to the show specifically to buy this stuff. The following is almost cult-like. 

The toffees are buttery and crumbly like a cookie. One crunch, and they melt on your tongue leaving you wondering a) where that piece of toffee went, and b) how you can get another. They are unlike any toffee I've experienced (and I'm not on commission here. Swear.)

The Almond Butter Toffee has a classic, old-fashioned toffee flavour... 

... the Sweet Lemon Butter (one of my favourites)  is unexpected, mellow and fresh, and topped with a premium Swiss white chocolate... 

... and the Ginger Twist has an almond butter base infused with fresh ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom to create a warm, spiced flavour that is distinctly gingerbread. 

Soooo, yeah. I've pretty much kissed my skinny jeans goodbye for a 'lil while.

And we haven't even gotten to the chocolates yet.

A premium swiss white is creamy and smooth - not overly sweet - and dotted with bits of crunchy almond butter toffee, cashews and chewy cranberries for a hint of tartness.

The 75 percent dark chocolate is sourced from Cuba, with a rich intensity that's well-broken-up with bites of almond butter toffee and cashews...

... and my other favourite, the milky German chocolate, is infused with real coffee, blanketing roasted pecans and crispy bites of toffee to create a bite that is a dessert in itself, with flavour layers like a torte. 

Did I mention this stuff is good?

The tins are whimsical, well-thought-out and a treat in themselves, with a carefully-chosen nugget of wisdom nestled in each bottom.

Adorable, if you ask me.

Come grab some Sweet Truth confections (and a bunch of other amazing treats and samples - there's a crab mousse that is ridiculous) at the One of A Kind Christmas show in the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place. The show is running every day til December 4th - for more info, click here.

Even better, visit ME at booth D-30 to be surprised by what a greasy chocolate salesman I have become! I may even toss an extra sample your way... if you're lucky.


  1. OMG You have to bring some back to Victoria with you

  2. If the extra tins you are returning to the fair are gone in the wasn't me.

  3. bring some hommmmmeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. you NEED to bring some of these home to Lockie

  5. Can you save some for me at your house for when I come over? (I see they are on your table and I won't accept any excuses).-V.C.

  6. i had better find some of these little tins under my Christmas tree!! P.S. Please do NOT introduce these to Lockie...