Monday, November 21, 2011


How pretty are these?

I'd wanted to try Nadège ever since reading about it on a Lark & Linen Best of Toronto post, and I'd wanted to try a macaron for a long time because I'd never, and they always looked so delectable.

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon their Rosedale location last Saturday and man, was it a feast for the eyes.

Not only would I get to finally try a macaron, but I would have the choice between ten flavours and almost every colour under the rainbow! 

The thing is, I actually wanted one of their croissant'wiches more than I wanted a macaron. But I'd just eaten brie, avocado and caramelized onion quesadillas and just couldn't justify stuffing myself with another rich, cheesy treat (I'm suchhhh a practitioner of restraint).

But I'll be coming back. To grab the fresh fig & goat's cheese sandwich, to be exact.

But let's cut to the chase, here.

I couldn't pick just one macaron (obviously) so I, you know, went with four.

Salted caramel,


blackberry with a dark chocolate centre,

and a mojito variety that tasted so much like the real deal that I was half-expecting (hoping?) to feel a buzz after finishing it (my alcohol-tolerance level is charmingly that low.)

They were almost too pretty to eat.


Break that thin meringue shell and you have a centre that's as much a treat for your taste-buds as these things are for your eyes. 

Great. I've discovered another dessert-thing that I love.

(I'm not upset at all about it.)

Check out Nadège to take in their cool, unexpectedly-minimalistic decor and beautiful rows of dainty treats on display (apparently the original West Queen West location offers seats so you can stay awhile - the Rosedale location doesn't.) And don't forget to nibble on a macaron, or...four.

Nadège Patisserie
780 Queen Street West or 1099 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON


  1. oh my. I want one of these croissant bad....can I come with you when you go next? -V.C.

  2. only if Uncle Wanny's treating!!!