Monday, November 14, 2011

phone nibblies: part 1

I have a huge collection of food pictures on my phone that never made it to their own post - either I didn't take enough to fill a post with, I didn't deem the quality to be good enough to fill a post with, or I simply just never made one.

But why should these snapshots collect dust in my blackberry photo archives when I can share them with you? They may not be as pretty as the rest, but they're delicious and random and from all over the place.

And so, I bring to you part one of what may just become a regular installment: phone nibblies. Enjoy.

Sushi pizza with tuna, avocado, green onion and spicy mayo from Shiki Sushi, Victoria, B.C.

The best cookies. Still. 

Homemade birthday cake for my mom, a la her very talented friend. Lemon buttercream frosting in which you could actually taste the real butter. Heavenly! 

The Mountain roll: hamachi tempura and avocado topped with crunchy onion, spicy sauce and tobiko. At Fune, Toronto, ON. 

Panko-crusted chicken with radicchio, pear and key lime at Nyood, Toronto, ON.

Malta-and-molasses braised spice crunch short ribs at Nyood, Toronto, ON.

Orecchitte-crusted spiced ahi tuna with avocado puree, candied chillies and roasted purple potato at Nyood, Toronto, ON. 

Seared albacore tuna tacones with spicy prawn mayo, pea shoots, lemon-pickled onions and slaw at Red Fish Blue Fish on the wharf, Victoria, B.C.

Spicy tuna sushi pizza at Shizen Sushi, Victoria, B.C.

White Spot Monty Mushroom burger with jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms and extra Triple "O" sauce, Victoria, B.C. (Still gotta do a post about these!)

Mutsuki-An spicy tuna-and-avocado takeout by the pool, Victoria, B.C.

Caught-that-day oysters and white wine, Desolation Sound, B.C.

Thai tuna, green onions and avocado on rice cakes, Desolation Sound, B.C.

Meatloaf, cheddar, bacon and tomato relish on ciabatta at 'wichcraft, Las Vegas, NV.

Pork, sauteed onions 'n maple baked beans: the ultimate comfort food. Desolation Sound, B.C.

The best summer birthday breakfast: lattes, fresh-squeezed orange juice, fresh berries and COBS ham & cheese croissants. Victoria, B.C.

Buttermilk pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and fresh-squeezed orange juice at the Lexington Candy Shop, New York, NY.


  1. White Spot deserves it's own post! Our first meal out in vic this christmas perhaps??

  2. Done. Shall we go to the one in the airport right after you land?????

  3. i really really need to stop reading your blog in class. i literally drooled at this one

  4. Love the blog tay!! Def a weekly read for me :)

  5. YAY! Thanks for the love guys. Keep coming back for more!!!

  6. WOW! Such a world traveler!!!

  7. I NEED to have that pizza now. Orgasmic thoughts happening at my office desk...awkward.

  8. just TRY to hide your thinly-veiled jealousy........ wanny

  9. "Pork, sauteed onions 'n maple baked beans: the ultimate comfort food. Desolation Sound, B.C."

    Pork? Nice attempt at classing up hot dogs as an ingredient haha


  11. haha LOVE the attack on pork by josh.. but seriously these all look SO delicious.
    ... now i am dreaming about what kind of cake will be at lo's feast